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Inside the deranged mind of Twitter/X's 'For You' algorithm

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Jeremy Beckler

Nothing is scarier than seeing what the algorithm naturally promotes to the broader audience from a clean account. Has anyone ever seen youtube from their hotel room? Usually its's content such as SSSniperwolf or the latest Mr. Beast video. Not saying that content is bad, but definitely not the corner of YT I stay in.

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Brandy Sousa

I remember going to my parents house after buying them a roku, downloaded the youtube app, and wow, it was eye opening to see what the front page looked like compared to the stuff I normally see on youtube. It was almost culture shock.

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It looks like it's just memes and sports on a clean account as if they were some sort of young hetero-male persona. I know the author states that it was a clean account with no other activity, but I wonder if Twitter has data points on this persons email and links it back to their social graph which automatically buckets them in a category. Meaning, this person was doomed to get this type of content on a clean account with their email because they were placed in that bucket.