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What We Lost When Twitter Became X

Key points:

  • Musk's changes led to a decline in Twitter's advertising revenue and an exodus of users to other platforms.
  • The introduction of new pricing plans for APIs made them unaffordable for many users, affecting the developer ecosystem.
  • Musk's decision-making appears to be top-down, potentially neglecting the input and preferences of the broader Twitter user base.
  • The article expresses worry about the undermining of communities and the overall appeal of Twitter, leading to a less enjoyable experience for users.
  • There are concerns about X Corp., the entity into which Twitter has been merged, and the future viability and appeal of the platform under Musk's leadership.

Discussion (2)

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Article talks about what we lost, but let’s talk about what we gained:

  • clarity that there are better social media moderation styles
  • niche communities (hello cbx!) where good discussion can happen
  • learning that Elon is a bit .. well of an ass
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And we gained more competitors like threads, Bluesky, and mastodon. All of which are using activity pub which is awesome.