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EA is prototyping in-game ads even as we speak

EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed during the company's Q4 earnings call that they are actively exploring the implementation of in-game ads in their titles. Wilson emphasized the need for thoughtful integration into gaming experiences and mentioned internal teams are already working on this. He also hinted at broader advertising opportunities beyond games themselves. While in-game ads may not be the primary focus, the company is considering them as part of its growth strategy. However, some observers, like the writer, express skepticism or caution about such a move, citing past negative reactions to intrusive advertising practices, and suggest alternatives like the more creative approach taken by a game like Mercenaries 2.

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Chris Jul-ul

EA when it comes to ruining games
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We have to buy the game and still get the ads in them? It’s understandable for a free game, I suppose (even then I would find an alternative, like the Genshin Impact model).

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It’s not even acceptable in a free game imo. Use a different business model that has been proven to work, not a lazy advertisement that needs to harvest my data to be effective for targeted advertising. Leave those models to web based frameworks.