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IKEA is opening a new store on Roblox… and you could be paid to work there!

Launching on June 24th, 'The Co-Worker Game' by IKEA brings the iconic furniture store experience to Roblox, offering players a chance to work in its virtual universe and get paid for it, mirroring IKEA's non-traditional career approach where lateral moves and diverse roles are encouraged.

*Paid roles are available with applications open until June 16th, offering 10 new co-worker positions. Successful applicants will navigate through various departments, assisting customers, and can even progress through promotions.

The game also allows broader Roblox users to explore IKEA's virtual world, engaging in tasks like serving Swedish food or organizing showrooms, with opportunities to win exclusive rewards.

Virtual interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held between June 14th and 18th, with the game developed by The Gang (lol) launching on June 24th.

*Paid players must be 18+ and in UK or ROI to apply.

Honestly, pretty cool lol.

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Chris Jul-ul

What an interesting idea from IKEA. I'm very curious to see how it all plays out, and the whole process of it all. Only hiring 10 I can imagine how much applicants they'll get lol.