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The Filmpreneur Manifesto

Rob Hardy’s "The Filmpreneur Manifesto," first published in 2019, is a guide for indie filmmakers to break free from Hollywood’s constraints and leverage the internet for creative freedom. Inspired by Steven Pressfield, the manifesto outlines principles for filmpreneurs, emphasizing niche focus, self-awareness, empathy, and relentless resourcefulness. Key points include:

  1. Avoid competing with Hollywood; focus on a niche audience.
  2. Embrace constraints for creativity.
  3. Prioritize relationships over awards and status.
  4. Leverage marketing and direct response principles.
  5. Build diverse revenue streams and valuable intellectual property.
  6. Embrace risk, high standards, and lifelong learning.
  7. Document the filmmaking process and build communities.
  8. The manifesto advocates for creating meaningful, lasting work and emphasizes the importance of patience, action, and aligning one's work with personal values.

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The emphasis on creativity through constraints and the importance of lifelong learning are gold. Its a refreshing reminder that success isnt about instant gratification but about playing the long game and staying true to our core values.