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Twitch revert Artistic Nudity guidelines after going “too far”

“Upon reflection, we have decided that we went too far with this change.” Clancy explained (Twitch CEO). “Digital depictions of nudity present a unique challenge–AI can be used to create realistic images, and it can be hard to distinguish between digital art and photography.

“So, effective today, we are rolling back the artistic nudity changes. Moving forward, depictions of real or fictional nudity won’t be allowed on Twitch, regardless of the medium.”

An update per my last post about Twitch allowing "Artistic Nudity". It seems they backpedaled pretty quickly once they saw that Twitch was basically becoming an ADULT website. How could they not have seen this happening? Twitch is in shambles lol.

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Wow what a hard uno-reverse.

It’s one thing to act quickly and make a policy update but it’s another thing to be overly reactive to community pressures and drama. I’m hoping twitch takes a second to think through how broad stroke updates affect their platform.