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Your merch doesn’t have to suck

The article by Avi Gandhi discusses the evolution and current state of Creator merchandise. Initially, high-quality merch was incentivized by the financial risk of holding inventory. However, the advent of print-on-demand (POD) companies, while reducing risk, led to a decline in quality due to profit margins favoring cheaper products. Recently, a new trend is emerging where Creators partner with boutique companies to produce limited-run, high-quality products, often funded through pre-orders or crowdfunding. This approach benefits Creators, small businesses, and audiences by ensuring higher quality and reducing financial risk.

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Jeremy Beckler

I bought a hoodie from a creator once (I won’t name them) and it costed about $60 plus shipping. Not only was it the worst hoodie I ever bought, the print also disappeared completely after only 2 washes.

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I’ve noticed that anything bought from red bubble does the same thing in the wash. The automated screen printing shops like that are just terrible.