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Music merch gets a luxury upgrade

  • Music merch has evolved into a lucrative fusion of streetwear and fashion, with artists like Pharrell blurring the lines between music and design.
  • Brands such as Broken Planet, Balenciaga, and Martine Rose create exclusive tour merch for hip-hop artists, aiming to boost sales by offering limited editions at higher prices.
  • With streaming revenue falling short, artists increasingly rely on ticket sales and high-quality merch for their income, turning concerts into ultimate fashion drops tied to unique experiences.

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nirmeout profile image

Music and Fashion makes sense to me. I typically buy merchandise of artists that I really like.

I even more so appreciate when the items are good quality. These days I only purchase a handful of garments and tend to splurge a little more for the higher priced stuff that last longer.

cherri profile image

Most of my artist friends state that they make MOST of their money from merchandise, and that's been the leader for most of how people support them (especially if they have fans that can't make it to one of their shows or if the show doesn't come to a local area by them)

imdreaming profile image

I do this. I've bought things from people to show support. It's the best way to pay them and get something out of it.

I exclusively tend to buy pieces from these places, it's become my main shopping outlet.