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Lucy Bella Simkins Built a YouTube Channel with 10,000,000 Subscribers [podcast]

YouTube creator, English teacher, and CEO Lucy Bella Simkins joins Dan on the pod to share some of the behind-the-scenes challenges, strategies, and reflections on turning a passion project into one of the world’s largest language learning YouTube channels and a thriving 7-figure+ business. She also shares the challenges and pitfalls of building an operation of 15 team members capable of turning viewers into customers.

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Pretty interesting listen. She seemed to grow quickly by getting 100k subscribers in 1 year.

She mentioned that she felt pretty miserable and lonely doing content creation in the early days, which I think resonates with a lot of people who are in this line of work. As much as a regular job sucks, you at least have some camaraderie and common ground with the people you work with. Content creation can be ruthless if your mind is in the wrong headspace.

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I've seen some of her videos, she's really great! She's a good example of how a crowded space can be dominated by simply being a likable personality.