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How the Food Industry Pays Influencers to Shill Blueberries, Butter, and More

Bon Appétit discusses how the food industry utilizes influencer marketing to promote various products, including blueberries, butter, and more, on social media platforms. It explores the blurred lines between genuine content and sponsored advertisements, as well as the role of government-backed checkoff boards in funding these campaigns. Critics argue that such advertising may not always align with overall wellness goals and can be perceived as deceptive. Additionally, there are concerns about the reliability of research funded by these boards and the ownership of content created as part of influencer campaigns.

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Wouldn’t this be breaking the “must disclose ad” terms of service of most online platforms? Or do these influencers just not care and this is happening in a much more secretive manner?

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It’s not surprising that the government is involved in the creator economy to some degree. With so much power and influence, you can only imagine the government would be taking advantage.

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marshal • Edited on

I think the problem is that there is a moral gray area here, not just with the government, but with creators with large audiences being easily bought and selling out.

We saw a lot of that happen with FTX, where creators were just shilling the crap out of it (and other crypto related stuff) without much thought. Meanwhile their audience truly believed they 100% believed and supported the company.