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How Google is killing independent sites like ours

  • Big media dominance: Major media publishers like BuzzFeed, Rolling Stone, Forbes, etc., consistently rank at the top of Google search results, overshadowing independent sites like HouseFresh.

  • Questionable recommendations: Big media publishers provide product recommendations without proper testing, relying on paraphrasing marketing materials rather than conducting hands-on reviews, potentially misleading consumers.

  • Impact of Google algorithm updates: Google's algorithm updates, particularly the Product Review Update, initially seemed promising for improving search result quality but continue to favor big media publishers over independent sites.

  • Threat to independent sites: Bias in Google's algorithms threatens independent sites like HouseFresh, which rely on thorough testing and genuine reviews, facing decreasing traffic and endangering their existence.

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This bias in search engine algorithms towards big media publishers is detrimental to creators across the board. By consistently favoring established publications over independent sites, platforms like Google create a skewed playing field where smaller creators struggle to compete. Already influential and well-funded entities continue to thrive, while newer or niche creators are left marginalized. Shame, and they wonder why Google search has gone down hill.

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It's sad to see how search engine algorithms currently favor big media publishers and leave inde creators with tougher ways to compete. However, there's a glimmer of hope that competition from AI-driven search platforms might level the playing field. Who knows how this landscape will evolve.

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There's a possibility that AI-driven platforms could potentially level the field, but there is also a valid concern that they might exacerbate the current bias towards big media publishers. AI algorithms, if not carefully designed and regulated, could amplify existing inequalities.

If history repeats itself, it seems like the latter.