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What Do AI Companies Want With the Media?

  1. Axel Springer-OpenAI Deal:

    • Axel Springer partners with OpenAI in a multi-million Euro deal for ChatGPT.
    • Aiming to enhance user experience, the deal involves summarizing global news from Politico and Business Insider.
  2. Challenges to AI Dominance:

    • Growing AI-media collaborations raise questions about the assumed inevitability of AI dominance.
    • Increased competition and the importance of training data complicate the landscape for companies like OpenAI.
  3. AI Impact on the Open Web:

    • AI tools, including ChatGPT, contribute to the decline of the open web by generating low-quality content.
    • OpenAI's collaborations serve as a strategic move to address potential challenges, ensuring continued access to credible sources amid legal constraints and rising data costs.

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Amy Sawyama

The problem with media as we know it: we will get flooded with poor content.

Summaries of of summaries of Ai generated reports with little way to cut through the noise. We will need more spaces like cbx, hackernews, and Reddit to have human interaction for crowd curated content. Our algorithms will also need to adopt to an internet with 99.99% trash.

Ai is great tool, but unfortunately the speed at which you can make coherent content is a side effect we are just beginning to see.