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Our company is doing so well that you’re all fired

  • The article uses humor to criticize the disconnect between corporate success and employee layoffs, highlighting the absurdity of praising employees for their contributions while simultaneously firing them.
  • It points out the paradoxical nature of corporate messaging, where employees are praised for their efforts in achieving success, only to be let go due to the company's purported success.
  • Through satire, it offers commentary on the ruthless nature of capitalism, where profit-driven motives often outweigh considerations for employee well-being and job security.

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Criss F

It’s not necessarily that the company is doing so well, it’s that the company thinks it can continue to do well without you.

So in reality, it’s the companies perception of the employees and not being the driving factor to their value.

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Key word is “continue”. Perhaps they needed you at one point, but now that you put in the legwork to achieve some benchmark, they think you’re not as useful anymore.

Classic “squeeze people for all they are worth” thinking.