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The State of the Culture, 2024

  • The traditional "State of the Union" speech is outdated, as politics remains stagnant, while mainstream culture is evolving rapidly.
  • The entertainment industry is in crisis, with companies like Disney, Paramount, and Universal facing significant challenges, and music shifting towards valuing old catalog over new talent.
  • A post-entertainment culture is emerging, driven by addictive distractions like TikTok, which prioritize brief bursts of stimuli over traditional entertainment or art.
  • Tech platforms are actively promoting addiction through features like scrolling interfaces and virtual reality, contributing to societal issues like depression and anxiety, while profiting from users' dependence on their platforms.

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While this raises valid concerns about the rise of addictive distractions and their impact on society, it overlooks the positive aspects of modern culture. Yes, there are challenges with the entertainment industry and the influence of tech platforms, but there's also an incredible wealth of creativity and diversity in today's cultural landscape.

From independent artists to grassroots movements, there's a thriving community pushing boundaries and challenging norms. Rather than solely focusing on the negative effects of technology, we should also celebrate the opportunities it provides for connection, expression, and innovation. It's important to acknowledge the complexities of our digital age while embracing the potential for positive change and growth.