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So much media consumption isn't real


The main point of the article is to highlight the challenges and realities of media consumption in various formats, including podcasts, web content, newsletters, and literary fiction.

Some highlights:

  • Apple Podcast App Update: The latest iOS update has affected the podcast industry, particularly for shows that publish frequently. The change in automated downloads has led to a significant decrease in download numbers for some top podcasts, impacting their ability to exaggerate their listener base to advertisers.

  • Challenges in Measuring True Audience Size: The newsletter highlights the challenges in accurately measuring audience engagement across various media formats, such as web traffic, video watch time, and newsletter metrics. The prevalence of bot-generated web traffic and inflated metrics contribute to a distorted understanding of true content consumption.

  • Creator Economy and Strikes: The newsletter discusses the idea of a creators' union and whether the Creator Economy could organize a comprehensive "strike." Despite efforts by various organizations, skepticism remains about the feasibility of creators gaining significant leverage over major social media platforms.

  • Literary Fiction's Sales: Contrary to the belief that "literary" fiction doesn't sell well, the newsletter argues that literary fiction can be commercially successful. A significant portion of the NYT bestseller list consists of books that could be labeled as literary fiction, challenging the notion that it caters only to a niche audience.

  • Challenges Faced by Local Newspapers: The newsletter points out the difficulties faced by local newspapers, using the example of the LA Times. Despite doing good journalism, the LA Times struggles to become a must-read for readers in Southern California, highlighting the broader challenge of getting people to pay for local news.

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Brandy Sousa

Never thought a simple iOS update could shake up podcast downloads so much! Seems like inflated metrics everywhere web traffic, video watch time, newsletters..it's like we're all living in a digital illusion.