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Looking for clients on TikTok? Try this designer’s strategy

As great as TikTok is, it has become so normalized for an enthusiast or a hobbyist to share what works and doesn’t work for them—which is great, and there’s value there. But I think it’s more rare to be on TikTok as someone who actually has the experience to back it up, so you’ll stand out.

What I’ve learned is the more you show of yourself, the more people can really get a sense of what you’re like and what it would be like working with you, and the more likely they are to hire you. The polished photos on Instagram or the nice website don’t necessarily translate to clients.

I was using examples like, “Hey, here’s this blanket that I think is great. Here’s a photo of where I placed it, and this is the feedback that the client has given me after a few months.” It gives a level of authority—I’m not just picking random things online and telling you to buy them.

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