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Let Humans, Not AI, Be Bad At Music


  • Anna Indiana, an AI singer-songwriter, aims to create and perform original music 24/7 without human involvement.
  • The author criticizes the AI-generated songs for their generic and confusing nature, highlighting the discomfort of creating a fake persona.
  • The article emphasizes the value of real, imperfect human musicians on platforms like YouTube, praising their honesty, intimacy, and the courage to share their creative journey.

Discussion (3)

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Jeremy Beckler

AI-generated music? No thanks. I’d rather stick with the real, messy, human stuff that makes music feel alive.

Music evokes a feeling, and knowing it’s AI ruins that feeling for me. I want to know the writer had soul.

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Harper Liu

Agree that AI-generated music may lack the human touch. But it opens doors to innovative possibilities and unique compositions that may surprise and delight people. AI tech in music creation could bring in a new era of creativity and exploration beyond the constraints of traditional human expression.

The mix of human and machine is where this can become interesting.

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That's pretty much the only way to look at this from a healthy perspective.

AI will be here to stay, we need society to be on the same page about how we view AI created work. If it's used as a tool to help enhance the creative process but the human is the driver for the most part, it seems totally fine. It's when an agent comes into the picture and just creates an entire piece of work start-to-finish, including uploading it and describing it, etc. we get into a dark place.