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Get 66% more earnings by simulcasting

  • Bettynixx, a variety streamer, utilizes a multiplatform streaming strategy across Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok to engage a diverse audience.
  • Twitch's lift on simulcasting bans in October 2023 benefited creators like Bettynixx, allowing them to stream on multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Benefits of simulcasting include reduced stress and increased revenue for creators, as it streamlines scheduling and expands monetization opportunities.
  • Revenue breakdown for Bettynixx reveals Twitch as the primary driver due to paid subscriptions, while YouTube relies on ads and TikTok's revenue comes from audience "Diamonds."

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Harper Liu

You should always run a multiplatform streaming strategy because it maximizes your reach, diversifies your revenue streams, and reduces dependency on any single platform. By engaging audiences across various platforms simultaneously, you can increase visibility, attract different demographics, and ultimately enhance your overall success as a content creator.