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How to Get More Returning Viewers on YouTube

  • Provide value: Ensure that your videos offer education or entertainment that satisfies the viewer's needs or interests.
  • Build a recognizable brand: Consistently meet or exceed viewer expectations through branding elements like channel banners, thumbnails, and content style.
  • Incorporate storytelling: Develop a narrative, journey, or mission throughout your videos to engage viewers on a deeper level.
  • Foster relatability: Connect with viewers on a personal level by sharing more about yourself and creating content that resonates with their experiences or interests.

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Jeremy Beckler

Connect with viewers on a personal level

I think this might be the one where most people don’t put attention. People try to create this ultra curated video and it ends up losing the human touch. So yea it might be a good video, but no one learned anything about you and can connect with you on a deeper level. Those are powerful human emotions we tend to forget.