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How to use media for cultural influence

  1. Smart strategy: Culturally influencing through media requires a strategic approach to identify and engage with various cultural contexts effectively.

  2. Amplification: Brands should focus on amplifying their own content to create, amplify, and monetize cultural moments they participate in, using their media budget strategically.

  3. Multi-tiered approach: The new media plan is structured into tiers ranging from mass to niche, including seasonal campaigns, digital marketing, and social content, working together to maintain a brand's continuous presence in culture.

  4. Building a brand universe: Media activities aim to build and maintain a brand's creative universe, capitalizing on its own intellectual property and engaging audiences through continuous streams of content.

  5. Nurturing fandoms: Beyond big campaigns, the plan nurtures fandoms, celebrates products, provides entertainment, and maintains cultural awareness and emotional resonance to sustain brand relevance and engagement.

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