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Logan Paul is allegedly suing Coffeezilla over his CryptoZoo videos.

Logan Paul is suing YouTuber Coffeezilla (Stephen Findeisen) and his production company for defamation. Paul claims that Coffeezilla has been spreading false information about his failed CryptoZoo project, calling it a scam and accusing Paul of deceiving fans for financial gain. Despite text exchanges proving otherwise, Coffeezilla continues to release videos targeting Paul. Paul argues that Coffeezilla's accusations were made for clout and financial benefit, noting that Coffeezilla launched a Patreon account after his first CryptoZoo video. Paul maintains he had good intentions for the project and lost money in the process. He has refunded over $1 million to NFT purchasers and aims to clear his name through the lawsuit, seeking unspecified damages.

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