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X/Twitter is reportedly soliciting people to buy recycled user handles for $50,000

X has been trying to find buyers for user handles it reclaimed from inactive accounts, even going so far as to send out solicitation emails asking for “a flat fee of $50,000 to initiate a purchase,” according to Forbes. Elon Musk announced back in May that X, formerly Twitter, would start purging accounts that have gone dormant, and has alluded to plans for recycling disused handles.

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Yet another swing to make money for Elon.

This might of been viable if Twitter kept it's status as the high-profile app that it is, but now due to the complete uncertainty of the app, I doubt anyone wise would be willing to spend that amount of money on just a handle.

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Wow, so basically only well off businesses or really high profile people would really be eligible.

My naive self thought they would just free up the unused handles slowly for free. How foolish of me to expect that. /s

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Chris Jul-ul

50k to buy a username from a free app is WILD thought process. Beyond ridiculous.