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Who’s behind all the adult spam bots on X?

The article discusses the pervasive issue of spam, particularly "░M░Y░P░U░S░S░Y░I░N░B░I░O░" spam, on a platform called X. Despite efforts to combat it, the spam persists, with accounts directing users to fake dating sites. The spam is attributed to affiliate marketers seeking financial gain. The piece explores the mechanics of the spam operation, the involvement of a Dutch company called Meteor Interactive, and the challenges platforms face in dealing with such spam. Additionally, it touches on the evolution of spam tactics and the broader context of online spamming.

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Criss F

The spam accounts seem to be evolving. I see them posting what looks like AI generated texts leaving hundreds of comments on random threads to market themselves.

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Spamming will continue as long as it works. For every time you get a spam message or see a spam account you may wonder “who the heck is actually interacting with these things?”. The answer is: a lot. Sometimes as high as 2-5% of people will interact with spam accounts that comes across it, when you start adding that up, it turns out to be a very effective way to get attention.