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Tumblr has been THE place for fans to connect

  • Tumblr's unparalleled impact on fandom culture: It has been the primary platform for fans to connect, celebrate their passions, and create vibrant communities, shaping contemporary fandom culture significantly.
  • Inclusivity and supportiveness: Tumblr fosters inclusive and supportive communities around niche interests and fandoms, amplifying marginalized voices and advocating for greater diversity and representation in media and entertainment.
  • Celebrities and fan engagement: Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Neil Gaiman have actively engaged with fans on Tumblr, preferring its stability over other social media platforms, leading to a resurgence of interest among Gen X and Millennial users.

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slipperyshrimp profile image

Tumblr was great back in the day, but I sadly can’t take the app seriously any longer. Their UI and UX are clunky and bloated, and their product team seems to think that they should hide certain features (where it takes 2-3 hops to get to what you want).

I do hope they improve the product and make a comeback, it would be cool to have it back on the map.