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The State of Creators Report 2024 by Kajabi

  • Over 50 million creators aim to make a living online, but 66% relied heavily on brand deals for income in 2022, resulting in 96% earning less than $100k/year.
  • Creators face challenges with algorithms favoring platforms over creators, leading successful ones to prioritize diversification and ownership of their businesses.
  • Six-figure creators leverage multiple revenue streams, with top earners having at least 5 streams and making the most from online courses.
  • YouTube remains a significant revenue source for top earners, but they prioritize growing audiences on social platforms while funneling traffic to their own websites.
  • Six-figure creators are willing to consider brand deals that don't align with their values for significant paychecks, but they prioritize authenticity and use AI tools to boost productivity.
  • They invest in their financial futures, with many reaching six figures in less than two years, and they anticipate increased use of AI tools to combat burnout and save time.
  • Looking ahead, creators are interested in unionizing for protections against platform policies and are optimistic about AI's potential to revolutionize the creator economy.

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