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How long until Hollywood is run by YouTubers?

I always think about how unnecessarily bloated Hollywood is today. The amount of gatekeepers, execs, agents, managers, etc involved is ripe for change.

These things may of made sense when technology such as cameras, editing software, etc was hard to come by, but today it makes little sense.

You can see this taking shape with music artists already, the idea of a “bedroom producer” became a thing because everything is accessible for people to make music and distribute it without the need for middle men and large amounts of money.

My hope is that indie creators take rise and change up Hollywood for good. And as a person living in Los Angeles, I genuinely hope that you DONT need to come to LA to “make it”. This city is already overcrowded and expensive :P

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Amy Sawyama

I think the lines between creator and traditional Hollywood will be blurred as time goes on. Creators are already doing big budget things, and I imagine we will see a lot more of this. I can also see a world where “professional Hollywood people” start to team up with indie creators on more projects.