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Women Creatives Thought Hollywood Could Change. Were They Wrong?


  • Despite recent high-profile successes like Greta Gerwig's box office hit, gender parity behind the camera in Hollywood remains elusive.
  • The annual analysis by USC's Annenberg Inclusion Initiative reveals only a 1% increase in female-directed top-grossing films from 2008 to 2022.
  • The "Peak TV" era, marked by streaming services, initially provided opportunities for women in the industry, but the recent contraction of the streaming industry raises concerns about diversity and inclusion commitments.

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Amy Sawyama

Despite the setbacks, the determination of women in Hollywood is commendable. It's crucial for the industry to recognize the talent and stories these women bring. Perhaps as the conversation continues online, it will lead to a reevaluation of priorities and a more inclusive future.

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The industry's "commitment" to diversity seems performative, especially with the recent challenges faced by streaming services.

Are studios genuinely invested in supporting underrepresented voices, or are they just responding to trends and market pressures?

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Brandy Sousa

as someone in the industry.. the challenges are real.

the focus on established IP makes for inclusion goals to be complicated. as you saw, remakes with all female casts do poorly, and generally upset fans for a variety of reasons (too far from the original IP, sexism, etc)