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Goodbye Spotify


  • The author used to use Spotify as their main music subscription service but has decided to cancel their subscription.

  • The author feels that Spotify no longer prioritizes the interests of artists and has shifted focus to podcasting.

  • The author is finding it difficult to find and purchase music from their favorite bands outside of streaming services.

Discussion (2)

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Amy Sawyama

Spotify (unfortunately) made it so that other music platforms had to have a ton of resources to compete. As a result artists became more reliant on Spotify, because that’s where people would conveniently listen. Well turns out now that they own the distribution means they can make the rules, and as we are seeing some of those rules are really unfair.

When it comes to music, I hope that more platforms become popular with diverse terms and business models so that artists have choices.

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Jeremy Beckler

I use exclusively SoundCloud because I like the creator control more. I find that they provide a platform that is more fair, more social, and spotlight creators more effectively.