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Creator Trend Report 2024 by Artlist

Some Takeaways:

  • The report discusses the future of content creation in 2024, based on insights from experts and a survey of 7,000 content creators.
  • By fall 2023, 52% of video creators were already using AI in their creative process.
  • Trends for 2024 include pushing creative boundaries with generative AI tools, exploring FPV drone technology, AR/VR, and creating immersive experiences.
  • Technology and social media make it easier for creators to monetize content globally, leading to opportunities for brands to connect with diverse and niche influencers.
  • As content creation shifts in-house, creativity and strategic thinking become essential, setting brands apart in a world where AI lowers technical barriers.
  • Personalization is crucial, especially for Gen Z, who prioritize tailored content experiences, shifting away from mainstream trends.

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