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Happy New Year CBX!

Hey CBX fam, just want to say I’m grateful for all of you. CBX has been a great source of learning, support, and inspiration for me, and I couldn’t be happier to be part of this.

Wishing all the creators in this amazing community a year filled with boundless creativity, continuous growth, and endless learning opportunities! May 2024 be your canvas of success and inspiration. Happy New Year! 🎉

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It’s been an amazing year, given CBX has only launched in Oct 2023, im so happy to see how this community is developing. I can’t wait for more in 2024.

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Chris Jul-ul

Happy New Year, everyone! I look forward to the growth of CBX in 2024 and each and everyone’s growth too! May this year be fulfilling for you. Thank you for being here.

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Amy Sawyama

Indeed one of the best corners on the web to keep me updated on the creator world. I am grateful for all of you and wishing you much success next year! Happy new year!!

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Happy new years! Can’t say enough about how much value I get out of this community, so happy to be surrounded by you all.

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Harper Liu

Happy new year everyone!!

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Happy new year! So happy to have you all here. Let’s see some big creator moves in 2024!