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Twitch’s TikTok-like discovery feed is rolling out to all users this week

Twitch has launched a new discovery feed similar to TikTok, allowing users to find short-form content from streamers. The feed includes live streams and top clips, helping viewers discover new content quickly. Users can personalize their feed by liking or disliking content. This update aims to help streamers reach new audiences and provides more opportunities for exposure.

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Been looking forward to this for a little while. It’s a start for the whole discovery problem that twitch has today.

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They really were killing the platform for any new faces to make an appearance. It's always been only a handful of streamers that anyone ever watches. This is a step in the right direction, despite how 'copy-cat' it looks.

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Chris Jul-ul

oh, actually not a bad idea. I wonder how much exposure new streamers would get, or would they heavily favor already big streamers.