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How to Boost Your Average View Duration

The article discusses the concept of the "rate of revelation" in creating engaging YouTube content. It emphasizes the importance of pacing and keeping viewers interested by gradually revealing new information. It suggests ways to implement this concept in scripting and editing videos, while also cautioning against overwhelming viewers with too much information. The author advises finding the right balance of pacing tailored to each channel's style and audience.

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Amy Sawyama

I’ve noticed most small time YouTubers go wayyyyy too slow in pace. It’s excruciating to watch. Sometimes they even end up repeating the same idea in multiple ways, as if the audience has ally the time in the world.

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I also think bigger creators with more devoted audiences can mislead smaller creators.

Big creators can get away with being more long-winded, they have developed a devoted audience that is more forgiving. For a newbie, that’s just simply it the case.