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Creators are speaking out against shady brand deals

A recent trend on TikTok has creators exposing unethical practices by brand partners in their "Get Ready With Me" videos, highlighting issues like pressuring influencers to hide sponsorships, make false claims, and prioritize brand demands over personal emergencies. This movement, sparked by beauty influencer Abbey Yung, aims to increase transparency and accountability in influencer marketing. Experts advise influencers to read contracts carefully, know their rights, and push back against unreasonable demands to protect themselves.

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The amount of hidden sponsorships I've come across is appalling. They are so obvious at times as well, a product get an unnecessary amount of attention or being plugged into a video without any real reason. I hope platforms can become stringent on policing this sort of thing.

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It's really hard to police. Without proof the platforms are just guessing. It's completely fine to say your opinion on you products (ie, a review or a critique), so who's to say they aren't just voicing their truthful opinions. It gets into weird territory fast.