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The Getty Makes Nearly 88,000 Art Images Free to Use However You Like

The Getty Museum has made nearly 88,000 art images available for free use through their Open Content program, allowing users to download and use them for any purpose. The collection includes a diverse range of artworks spanning various cultures and historical periods. Users can search and access the images based on criteria like creation date, medium, object type, and culture. This initiative expands the accessibility of cultural artifacts and encourages creative use of the artworks. However, it has sparked some debate regarding the ethics of digitalizing and distributing cultural heritage without considering provenance and rightful custodians.

The database itself: https://www.getty.edu/art/collection/search?open_content=true

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Wow, this is incredible! I love how the Getty is making these art images freely available. It's so much fun to explore the collection and discover new artworks from different cultures and time periods. Kudos to the Getty for this amazing initiative!