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Planning a film on a shoestring budget (2022)

This is part two of a three-part series where I dive deep into getting started as a first-time filmmaker when you have no money, zero connections, or any skills.

This is a very good walk-through of making a film for new and early career filmmakers (or people looking to do something longer). You can go back and read the first post, but I linked to the piece that I think is the most valuable.

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This guide is a gem for us newbies diving into filmmaking. I especially like the the budget breakdown and pre-visualization tips. It's hard to peak behind the curtains often especially on lower budget productions.

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Harper Liu

Solid breakdown for newcomers. Wish I had this when I was starting out, I pretty much made all the mistakes in the book when hiring my first 2 actresses and trying to shoot a 50 page script in 1 day. The script was so complicated that I ended up taking 3 days, tripling the cost I had originally budgeted for. The advice on locations and casting is crucial, and had I just planned a little bit better I probably would have trimmed some part of the script out and picked a cheaper location.