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Mark Cuban believes in the long-term potential of NFTs

Internet is going absolutely bay sh*t over NFTs still.

Many people are saying I told you so.

Some people are saying it’s too early to say they are dead.

And Mark Cuban seems to think that there is still potential.

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The title is technically correct, but slightly misleading.

Mark sounds like he's telling people that NFTs are fine to buy if you like them, but to "speculate" around them as investments is not what you should do. Meaning you shouldn't treat them as assets that will guarantee appreciation.

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Criss F

Cuban also understands technology better than most people. Hype dies down doesn't mean the tech doesn't have some meaningful application under the hood. It just meant that the people hyping it up got caught onto by the general public.

NFTs will have a sour taste in most peoples mouth for awhile and I suspect that people will have to see more REALISTIC value from it beyond the grifters and pump and dump schemes.