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Anonymous Man in Ski Mask Offers Solution to Hollywood’s AI Problems

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Jeremy Beckler

The industry, Ghostwriter said, should set up a clearinghouse where artists and labels set their own terms for AI knockoffs. “There will be an ecosystem where talent can license their voices with agreements around monetary splits as well as agreements around permissions,” he said. “For example, artist X says, ‘I will license my voice, but I want 50% of the money… and it can’t be used around political speech or hate speech.’” That’s an arrangement similar to the one proposed by the AI-friendly artist Grimes.

I mean, it’s a start. The whole ecosystem has to be on board for this to work. Including the labels, the artist, and the distribution platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tiktok, etc.

This will likely have to start with government involvement codifying the rules so the whole system doesn’t have a choice.

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Unfortunately government is playing catch up on all things AI, and they paint broad stroke rules that aren't fully thought out in an attempt to either 1) respond to a few cases of something in a specific industry or 2) something that benefits their own campaign, agenda, etc