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How I Overcame a Growth Plateau

Key points summary:

  1. Take Big Bets with Content: To overcome growth plateaus, increase the frequency and intensity of your content creation. Experiment with posting more frequently, sharing in-depth posts, and engaging with trending topics.

  2. Embrace Controversy: Don't shy away from controversial topics. Taking a stance and doubling down on your beliefs can spark engagement and attract attention. However, be mindful of the potential consequences.

  3. Strategic Timing and Quality: Time your content strategically. The example of engaging with a controversial topic during a product launch demonstrates the importance of choosing the right moment. Additionally, focus on the quality of your content to maximize its impact.

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Spot on about socials being like venture capital. It’s a game of numbers and calculated risks just like startups hunting for unicorns. Take those big bets, let most fail, but the few winners make it worthwhile.