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How rewards can demotivate [video]

The video itself is about game design, but talks about a study done around drawing and motivation. It's only 10min, worth a watch.

Key points:

  • intrinsic motivation is stronger than extrinsic
  • extrinsic rewards applied to something you are motivated for intrinsically can diminish that motivation
  • there are different kinds of rewards that generate different behaviour

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Brandy Sousa

I’ve noticed this within my own crafts. Posting what I do on social media creates an extrinsic relationship for me, because now I’m addicted to the likes, comments, shares and follows, instead of just getting better overall.

It’s such a trap because I go after these external metrics when really I could just be focusing on what I like, what I find fun, and improving myself. And I’ve noticed that once I stopped caring so much and checking social less often, I would actually have fun again and improve at the same time. And you know the irony? I end up getting more from social media in the long term by being authentic and improving.

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This is so good, thanks for sharing.
I never understood the random badges that PlayStation gives out, I know it motivates some people but for me it just seems random. But I absolutely am OBSESSED will leaderboards and ranking systems. I love the satisfaction of beating my friends and getting better each time.

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I never pay attention to the badges in most game unless I know exactly what I need to do to get them and there is a reason to get them (such as unlocking stats or gear). I am a completionist as well, so I make sure to fully 100% a game but for some odd reason never care that much about it.