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Snapchat grew 12% since last year

It’s wild to think, but Snapchat seems to keep growing. They hit 400 million users this year, a 12% increase in daily active users from last year.

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nirmeout profile image

People use Snapchat? I remember using it a lot like 8 years ago, but have since forgotten it’s existence. If anyone who uses it today could shed light on why they use it, that could be awesome to understand..

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Guilherme Kuhn

I guess we are way to old for snapchat? I have the same experience, I had it a few years back, used it every so often, but nowadays I don't even have the app installed...

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My little cousins use it. It seems like they mostly just post selfies back and forth to their friends. So the use case hasn’t really changed?

That explore page is getting ridiculous though.

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Chris Jul-ul

I have thought about using it again on a few occasions. But never really managed to actually get to the point to use it lol. Also, no one in my friend group that I really talk with use it, and that was the main reason I used it so much back then.

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This is actually quite surprising, had no idea this many people were actually using Snapchat. In my friend circle, not a soul has the app still on their phone despite being active everywhere else.