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Shares > Everything else on Instagram

Instagram's chief Adam Mosseri has emphasized the importance of creating shareworthy content to align with the platform's new algorithmic focus on content shares. With more users engaging through DMs than feed posts, Instagram aims to boost content that prompts users to tap the “Send” icon and share it with friends. Mosseri advises creators to craft content that people would want to share with someone they care about to enhance their reach.

Instagram is highlighting this shift with the rollout of sends display counts, now visible to more users. To create content that triggers DM shares, sparking emotional responses is key.

“Don’t force it as a creator, but if you can, when you’re making content, think about making content that people would want to send to a friend, to someone that they care about, and it will help your reach over time.”
—— Adam Mosseri

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I understand why sharing would be considered a good metric, but some of my favorite pieces of content are not necessarily ones that I would share with people. I typically share with someone only if it reminds me of someone or would be something we discussed/relevant to our relationship.

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Brandy Sousa • Edited on

I agree that it doesn’t really reflect how much YOU “like” it. The thing with “likes” is that it’s not granular, so someone who really likes it and someone who kind of liked it are both calculated the same. Sharing is the only way to endorse something beyond the like.

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Jeremy Beckler

I had always assumed sharing was the most important "metric" but it's nice to hear that from IG themselves.