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Cara: DeviantArt and Artstation alternative

Cara is a social media and portfolio platform for artists.

With the widespread use of generative AI, we decided to build a place that filters out generative AI images so that people who want to find authentic creatives and artwork can do so easily.

Many platforms currently accept AI art when it’s not ethical, while others have promised “no AI forever” policies without consideration for the scenario where adoption of such technologies may happen at the workplace in the coming years.

The future of creative industries requires nuanced understanding and support to help artists and companies connect and work together. We want to bridge the gap and build a platform that we would enjoy using as creatives ourselves.

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Nir • Edited on

I think their stance on AI is balanced

Our stance on AI:

We do not agree with generative AI tools in their current unethical form, and we won’t host AI-generated portfolios unless the rampant ethical and data privacy issues around datasets are resolved via regulation.

In the event that legislation is passed to clearly protect artists, we believe that AI-generated content should always be clearly labeled, because the public should always be able to search for human-made art and media easily.

It's inevitable that AI is going to permeate this industry. I think the most rational way to enable it is through transparency and fair legislation.

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Just checked out the platform, and it’s pretty good. Nothing mind blowing lot different or better than it’s competitors besides their philosophy on AI.