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What powers influence among Gen Z

Content creator Zeel Patel had a very interesting analogy to explain Gen Z consumption. He said, “Instagram is like a showroom and YouTube is like a classroom. In a showroom, if all the good products are placed in the front row, then a window-shopper or a passer-by will be intrigued. You can directly capture their emotions by showing them something. On the other hand, YouTube is like a classroom. People will go into the depths of the content they consume. They will consciously invest their time. Gen Z is like a Rubik's Cube, they love challenges. However, at the same time they are like litmus paper – a drop can change colour. If an influencer changes their colour, Gen Z is unforgiving, they will immediately pivot and move on from your content.”

Another interesting trend that we’re seeing is the shift from one platform to another depending on the type of content being consumed. As compared to earlier times, there no longer is any platform loyalty.

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