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The next generation of 7-figure sellers are aspiring YouTubers

Summary / key points:

  • The next generation of high-earning sales professionals won't follow the traditional SDR to AE path but will be aspiring YouTubers.
  • "Influencer Selling" is seen as more capital-efficient than traditional sales teams, creating and capturing more demand with less time and energy.
  • Video content is highlighted as a powerful tool, with generative AI expected to significantly increase content creation.
  • Building community and brand are emphasized as the most valuable activities for companies in the next decade.
  • Sales teams are predicted to have significantly fewer members but with much larger overall follower counts.
  • The new generation of sales reps with strong video skills is expected to be highly paid, potentially surpassing CEOs in earnings.
  • The key takeaway is that those aspiring for high earnings in sales should focus on developing video skills rather than following traditional career paths.

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This article makes a solid point. YouTubers and influencer selling are becoming the new players, leaving traditional sales and marketing on the sidelines. Videos have that extra edge, and coupled with a good personality that people can invest in are really powerful. Traditional teams need to shake up their strategy or risk getting sidelined. The creator economy is reshaping the game.