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Creativity: How to Unlock Your Hidden Creative Genius


  • Defines creativity as making new connections between old ideas or recognizing relationships between concepts.
  • Outlines the five steps of the creative process: Gather new material, Thoroughly work over the materials in your mind, Step away from the problem, Let your idea return to you, Shape and develop your idea based on feedback.
  • Discusses the notion that creativity can be learned and nurtured.
  • Highlights three lessons on creativity from famous creators: Anthony Trollope’s routine, Dr. Seuss’s strategy, and Markus Zusak’s work ethic.
  • Provides steps on how to be creative, including giving oneself permission to create junk, creating on a schedule, finishing something, stopping self-judgment, and holding oneself accountable.
  • Emphasizes the importance of persistence and practice in finding one’s creative genius.

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Creating junk is my favorite :P

I usually just let myself go wild and it’s more an exercise in generating ideas than an actual finished product. I think when you kill an idea too early or you don’t let yourself explore/ become too critical with it, you often miss the hidden gems.