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New Kodak Super 8 Film Camera Thought to Be Vaporware Is Actually Coming Out, Costs $5,495


  • Kodak Super 8 Reveal: Explore the unexpected release of the Kodak Super 8 film camera, blending vintage film format with digital features, priced at $5,495 and criticized for its MicroUSB charging.
  • Film Enthusiast Dilemma: The article delves into the author's internal conflict as a film photography enthusiast, contemplating the practicality and cost of the new camera in a hobby already considered expensive.
  • Community Critique: Despite its intriguing features, the Kodak Super 8 faces criticism from the analog film community, especially for its outdated MicroUSB charging, sparking discussions on design choices and practicality.

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Ngl, I was obsessed with the specialized cameras, but as time went on and the camera in my pocket got so much better (mobile phones camera improves every year), it makes it harder to justify a high cost unless you are doing something truly requiring it. (I am sure some folks here are making films and such, which then it makes sense).

The consumer camera market in the low and mid range seems to be increasingly dominated by mobile phones.