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TikTok is limiting users from viewing data trends via its Creative Center, a hub for the platform’s popular hashtags.

No paywall: https://archive.is/Z95jt


  • TikTok restricted its Creative Center tool, used to measure trend popularity, after researchers and lawmakers scrutinized content related to the Israel-Hamas war.
  • The tool, initially for tracking popular hashtags, faced misuse claims, leading TikTok to remove the "search" function and halt links related to the war and U.S. politics.
  • Critics argued TikTok's content moderation, suggesting influence by Beijing; the changes occurred amid ongoing scrutiny of TikTok's impact and potential bans in the U.S.

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Not a terrible move, tbh. As a platform that can spread misinformation quickly and easily, I appreciate that they have the willingness to pause a heavily used tool that is being misused until they can put better actions in place to stop abuse.