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TikTokers call to block celebs after 'tone deaf' Met Gala: 'Stop worshipping rich people'

TikTok users are launching a movement called "Blockout2024" urging people to block celebrities and influencers on social media, citing the tone-deafness of the Met Gala amidst global crises. The movement aims to divest from celebrity worship culture and the attention economy. Users are encouraged to block major celebrities and monitor their income fluctuations as a measure of impact. Other activists echo similar sentiments, criticizing celebrity culture for perpetuating oppressive power structures and advocating for its dismantlement.

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maven64 profile image

Interesting. At what point is something considered a celeb? (serious question)

Like is Mr Beast a celebrity? If not, why not? He's got just as much influence (if not more) than any traditional hollywood celebrity.

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Brandy Sousa

I think it’s more about those that are/have been exploiting their influence for things that are akin to the Met Gala. I’m unsure if Mr. Beast would fall into this category..

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I've been seeing this all over the place. I'm trying to gauge what the actual outcome will be of something like this. It's not the first time it was tried either.