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Over 100 UK TikTokers joined forces to protest the app after a creator it repeatedly promoted was convicted of rape


  • TikTok Walkout: TikTok users in the U.K. stage a blackout in protest after a creator, Anthony Ekpenyong (Anthony Q Lion), promoted by the platform, is convicted of rape and sentenced to seven years in prison.

  • Protest Demands: Participants in the blackout demand TikTok to enhance protocols, including criminal background checks and verification, for creators in its program. They aim to impact TikTok financially, as they believe the platform prioritizes money over safety.

  • TikTok's Response: TikTok, reportedly managing Ekpenyong directly, expresses horror at his conviction, removes him from the creator management program, and claims not to have removed his account. The platform faces calls to implement stricter measures against creators involved in serious offenses.

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An extremely reasonable reaction by users/creators of the platform. For too long people have gone unchecked, especially in the creator economy, so while people might call this “cancel culture”, you can’t deny that people have a right to be upset.

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Brandy Sousa

I would hardly even consider this “cancel culture”. This person was convicted, so if anything they are “canceled” by the legal system.

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Yea and in this case it’s one thing to be avoiding the users content, but another completely to have tiktok promote it.