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MrBeast is getting too old to make content slop


  • MrBeast has experienced immense success across various platforms, including YouTube, X, and Instagram, with his content meticulously edited and optimized for each platform.
  • Despite his massive subscriber base, MrBeast faced competition from accounts like Cosmo TV, which grew faster on YouTube by reposting popular short-form videos with a simple and cheap strategy.
  • MrBeast is diversifying his content and exploring opportunities beyond YouTube, such as uploading videos in Mandarin to Bilibili and negotiating a game show deal with Amazon Prime Video, indicating his ambition to build a broader and more stable audience beyond his current platforms.

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drdeception profile image

MrBeast almost seem so generic as a personality (rightly to appeal to a wide variety of people) that there is nothing interesting about him that would make me care about watching a niche topical show about him or most of his opinions. Take away the outrageous formats and budget and it would almost be a nothing burger.

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Brandy Sousa

I do think a game show host would fit for him, it almost feels like he does that. But if I’m being completely honest, you could get someone funny that could do just as well if not better. That’s why ex-comedians typically grab these slots (Howie mandel, Steve Harvey, Drew Carey).